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1980s Cardio Workout

1980s Cardio Dance Class
1980s Cardio Dance Class

1980s Cardio Workout 

w/ Steven Oelrich


Not currently offered. Please email us if you're interested in attending once this class is back on the schedule.

Come have fun with us, all in true 80's fashion! This 1980's music inspired cardio and conditioning class will have you moving to the upbeat music you loved from the 1980s! Expect a stretch session before enjoying an low and medium intensity aerobic workout. We will then focus on core, leg, and arm strength conditioning before cooling down. This is a medium intensity class.

No formal dance training is required to take this class. As always, we encourage you to modify the moves depending on your strength, endurance, and ability. 

What to wear

We recommend clothes that allow you to move that you aren't afraid to sweat in. Please wear CLEAN athletic shoes. Leg warmers and sweatbands are encouraged, but are not required. :)

Equipment used

We use yoga mats, 2-5lb hand weights and sometimes 4-8lb rated resistance bands for this class. We have studio equipment you may use if you do not bring your own.

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