Belly Dance

About Belly Dance

Originating in Egypt, this very unique Arabic dance style focuses on body isolations, and consists of percussive, vibrations such as shimmies, and fluid movements of the torso, arms, and hips. 


This low impact dance is unique in that it is beneficial for all ages of adults and fitness levels and requires no prior dance experience. It is gentle on the body using muscle isolations to build excellent core and overall muscle strength. It also improves, balance, coordination and flexibility as it targets specific muscle groups that are sometimes under-worked in traditional fitness classes. Most of all it is a lot of fun!  

Belly Dance- Combos & Choreography
 w/ Michele White

Mondays 5:00-5:55pm


Meets weekly as a drop in class. New dance combination every 6 weeks.

This class participates in Mix & Match plans. Pre-requisite: Fundamental Technique class or if student can demonstrate proficiency

If you already have some belly dance experience, this class is for you! Expand your body and technique while getting acquainted with your inner dancer! This class focuses on refining basic Belly dance fundamentals, exploring more layered movements, footwork, isolations and dance combinations. Michele uses various Middle Eastern dance styles and rhythms to help you build your knowledge and dance ability. This hour belongs to you to affirm your body, discover, create, and make this dance your own. All ages and bellies welcome.

PLEASE NOTE - This class participates in our Mix & Match program. Mix & Match plans activate on the day of purchase, and expire after one or three months depending on which plan is purchased. To maximize time credits can be used, clients should purchase on the day of your first class online through Mindbody or in person at the studio.

Belly Dance - Fundamental Technique
w/ Michele W.

This class is not currently scheduled. If you would like to learn more about when this class will be offered next, please let us know. Thanks!

This is a 5-week series of belly dance fundamentals. Learn muscle isolation, control and grace while improving posture, core, and flexibility. This body affirming class introduces traditional Middle Eastern dance and music along with a solid, safe technique. Michele teaches basic movements and belly dance isolation as well as musical styling, fluidity and balance. This is your time to dance, have fun, and discover and tone muscles you never knew you had!


Adults only - No dance experience or equipment required. This class is easy on your body and joints. All ages and bodies are welcome; No prior dance experience is necessary.

PLEASE NOTE - This class pre-registers for $75, and is not part of our Mix & Match program. Monthly class payment packages, punch cards, and drop-in classes can not be used for this registration. Your registration is complete once class payment is received. Sorry, but no refunds or exchanges on this purchase for classes missed.

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