Jazzercise is an independent business operating out of the Studio in Issaquah's space. All questions, including but not limited to, sign ups, holds and cancellations should be emailed to issaquahjazzercise@gmail.com. For more detailed info and to purchase online, please visit the Jazzercise website by using the link below.

Jazzercise Schedule



5:45a - Jazzercise (DanceMixx)

8:15a - Jazzercise (DanceMixx)

9:30a - Jazzercise (DanceMixx LO-HI)


8:30a - Jazzercise (Strength60)

9:30a - Jazzercise (DanceMixx)

6:00p Jazzercise (DanceMixx)


5:45a - Jazzercise (DanceMixx)

9:30a - Jazzercise (DanceMixx)


8:15a - Jazzercise (DanceMixx)

9:30a - Jazzercise (DanceMixx)

6:00p Jazzercise (DanceMixx)


5:45a - Jazzercise (DanceMixx)

9:30a - Jazzercise (DanceMixx LO-HI)


7:45a - Jazzercise (Strength60)

8:45a - Jazzercise (DanceMixx)


9:00a - Jazzercise (DanceMixx)

Class formats offered weekly

*All classes fuse cardio, resistance training, Pilates, yoga, kickboxing and modern dance and are set to Top 40 music.   


DANCE MIXX:  This high intensity dance workout mixes modern moves with strength training for a full body workout.  Set to Top 40 music, get ready to shake it!


LO-HI:  Low Impact-High Intensity:  we combine bass-dropping cardio with strength training that uses muscles not momentum for a full body workout without the impact to your joints.  Perfect for all fitness levels, you'll find LO-HI versions of Dance Mixx, Interval and Fusion formats. LO-HI is no joke.  Get ready to sweat!  


FLIP FUSION:  Targeted, muscle-carving sets followed by shorter blasts of cardio dance designed to kick start your metabolism. High Intensity Interval Training. YEAH!


STRENGTH 60 & 45:  This muscle-sculpting, hurts-so-good-it’s-worth-it class combines weights and body resistance training to increase core strength, fat burning and endurance across all other class formats.  Hello, muscles!!

How to pay

These classes are not part of the studio pricing at this time. Jazzercise classes may be purchased online or through a Jazzercise representative at the time of class.  Questions? Please email issaquahjazzercise@gmail.com

Class formats offered intermittently

STRIKE:  Jabs and kicks to pumping music knock out stress and release your endorphins.  Calories don’t stand a chance!  

INTERVAL:  Equal parts circuit-based bursts of cardio and strength training.  Interval is the power of High Intensity Interval Training (Hiit), unleashed.

FUSION:  This total body workout is a circuit-based High Intensity Interval Training (Hiit) class that fuses high octane dance moves with muscle work to rev up your results.

CORE:  A cardio-plus-strength class designed to engage and chisel the entire core and target v-line abs for a body to boast about.

EXPRESS:  Cut to the chase with a 30-minute blast of dance-based cardio plus strength training.

The Studio in Issaquah

1871 NW Gilman Blvd, Ste 3

Issaquah, WA 98027

(206) 327-1468


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