Coronavirus (COVID -19) Communication 

March 16, 2020


Studio Closure


By order of our governor, recreational facilities have been ordered to close through the end of the month. This closure may be extended. To our knowledge, we have not had a COVID-19 case in our studio.

As a business leader in our community, I recognize it is time to act and adhere to the guidelines and orders of our government and close The Studio in Issaquah's physical location until it is safe to re-open. While many of us are healthy and ready to dance and work out, it is our responsibility as a community to look out for the well-being of one another and our loved ones by exercising social distance.

I am working with our instructors to continue offering employment through offering videos of their classes. Our hope is that these videos will preserve our business entity and the community we have all grown to love for years to come. It is my greatest hope The Studio emerges from this catastrophe strong and intact.

If you have a loyalty membership with us, and can afford to continue paying for that membership, we ask for your generous support in not cancelling your membership during this difficult time. We are offering video classes to all clients with active Mix & Match passes.

If you do not have a studio pass, we ask that you consider trying out our dance and workout lessons at home. Please follow this link to purchase a studio pass and join in our fun!

We ask you to please be patient with us as we develop a detailed plan to offer pass extensions once we can re-open. Again, if you can afford to continue your support of our studio, our instructors and community would deeply appreciate your continued generosity during this very difficult time.

We look forward to re-opening and dancing with you all again soon!

With much love and gratitude,

March 11, 2020


Our Commitment to You


We are open for business and our continued focus is to keep our clients safe. We continue to disinfect surfaces such as the counter tops, pens, door handles, door knobs, stereos, and fan knobs several times daily. Hand sanitizer continues to be available at the front counter as well as hand soap in the restrooms. In addition, we are monitoring and following guidlines from the CDC, King County Public-Health, and other Washington public officials regarding COVID-19. 


Class Adjustments


— Instructors are disinfecting ballet barres with disinfecting wipes before and after classes.
— Hand weights and mats are sprayed down with alcohol.
— When used, stability balls are disinfected with alcohol.
— Barre, Hip Hop Cardio, and 80s Cardio clients should use our hard weights (not fabric) that can be easily disinfected.
— Jazz and Contemporary classes will refrain from incorporating floor work out of an abundance of caution. (note: there is no evidence the virus spread through sweat)


As long as you feel well, are not in a high risk category and do not believe you have been exposed to the virus, we ask for your confidence in us and come in to dance and workout. There is strong evidence that physically active people maintain healthier immune systems. Furthermore, dance and cardio can be a great stress reliever. To protect all clients, we ask that if you do not feel well to please stay home and take care of yourself. 

March 9, 2020


First and foremost, we care about you and are doing what we can to keep our clients safe while at The Studio. The Studio remains open for normal business operations. We are taking active measures at The Studio towards limiting everyone's risk exposure. We are:

— offering hand sanitizer at the front desk.
— disinfecting door knobs/handles, ballet barres, fan knobs, pens, stereos, and the front counter  several times daily
— spraying 70% alcohol solution on our hand weights and stability balls
— washing towels in hot water on sanitary mode


If you are still concerned about using our studio's equipment, we recommend you bring your own yoga mats and hand weights.


As many of you have heard, the best prevention is to diligently wash hands well with soap for at least 20-seconds each time, sneezing and coughing in to our elbows rather than hands, and refraining from shaking hands. We also recommend maintaing a minimum distance of 3 feet from another other.

"State of Emergency" - What does it mean?

This phrase should not create panic or fear. Nor does it affect our business or service operations at The Studio. By declaring a state of emergency, Washington State officials and the Washington State government are able to seek monitary and other support from the federal government to respond to Coronavirus. Declaring a state of emergency also provides local governments with the powers necessary to coordinate and implement plans aimed at protecting people and property during a disaster or event.

This is not a time for panic. If you feel well and if you believe you have not been exposed to the virus, we ask you to continue enjoying classes at The Studio. As always, if you do not feel well, we ask that you stay home to take care of yourselves. 


This is not a time for us to stop enjoying our daily activities.

Our community's small businesses, including The Studio, can suffer greatly from fear and panic and lack of attendance and business. Thank you for your continued business, loyalty, and support while we navigate the best ways to conduct our business during this unfamiliar territory. 


With tremendous gratitude,

Steven Oelrich


The Studio in Issaquah

1871 NW Gilman Blvd, Ste 3

Issaquah, WA 98027

(206) 327-1468

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