To request our new video membership, please click the link to email us at

Going forward


ALL class passes allow you to take in-person OR live Zoom classes. You can also split between these options as you see needed.


We will have a new video membership. This new membership allows unlimited views/downloads of our recorded classes and will be offered only as an autopay option. (this is for recorded classes only) This can be a stand alone membership and does not require you to hold a class pass for in-person or Zoom classes.


Cardio & quarterly passes will no longer be sold.

Loyalty Members

If you are a loyalty member on autopay, there are no price changes to your class passes unless you decide to take more classes than your pass. If you take additional classes before your monthly renewal, it will be $15 per additional class. Passes now allow you to take in-person or Zoom classes interchangeably and there is nothing you need to do unless you want to add our recorded video membership to your pass. 


Please use the link below if you would like to change your pass to a recorded video pass. If you are a member and would like to add our new unlimited recorded video membership, please follow the link at the bottom of this email. Pricing is:

— $55 if you are on the 5 classes/month plan

— $35 if you are on the 10 classes/month plan

— INCLUDED FREE if you are are on the 15 classes/month or unlimited plans.


Not a member?  Email us if you are interested in saving money each month by becoming a loyalty member. 


Loyalty member class passes remain unchanged:

5 classes/month = $65

10 classes/month = $120

15 classes/month = $175

Unlimited/month = $250

Non-Members (Pay as you go)


If you not a loyalty member you still have the option to add our new unlimited recorded video membership. The cost to add our video membership is:

$85/month (minimum 3-month commitment)  
$75/month (minimum 6-month commitment)


This new video membership will allow unlimited views and downloads of our recorded classes, and is offered only as an autopay option. In-person and Zoom passes remain pay-as-you-go and are not autopay. There will be a few small price increases to pay-as-you-go class pass pricing for Zoom/in-person classes:


Drop-in = $20
5 classes / month = $75
10 classes / month = $135
15 classes / month = $185
Unlimited / month = $260

Which video membership is best for me?

If you only take recorded video classes

You will want our new video membership.

If you only take live Zoom and/or in-person classes

You will only need a monthly class pass.

If you take Zoom, in-person, and recorded classes

Non-members will want a monthly class pass and our video membership. 

Members will want to add our discounted video membership.

How to add our new video membership

To request our new video membership, please click the link below or email us directly at


A new video folder will be shared with all our current video members on July 1. Our April/May/June folders will be sunsetting and eventually deactivated.