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Your guide to online classes

Deciding between live stream or recordings?

Livestream  (pricing)

-  Best if you want to take classes on a schedule. 

-  Take class with others and ask questions during class.

-  We host our live streams on Zoom.

Recordings  (pricing)

-  Best if you want flexibility on when you watch our classes. 

-  Download or watch any of our hundreds of recorded classes.

-  We host our recordings on Google Drive.

Questions? Email us

Equipment needed


-  bluetooth earbuds connected to your TV, tablet, computer (best)

-  external speakers connected to a computer or TV (best)

-  TV speakers (better)

-  tablet or laptop speakers (okay)

-  laptop connected to a TV via HDMI cable (best)   Watch a video on how to connect a computer to a TV.

- laptop or computer (better)

-  tablet such as an iPad (okay)

-  phone (not suggested)

Need help? 

Ask us and we can arrange to video chat with you to help set you up to watch our online classes. Email Us

It doesn't take much room to take barre classes at home.

(8'x8' space min.)


Don't have a barre? Many clients use a kitchen counter top, dining room chair, or you can order a barre online.  

Equipment we use for barre - We always use hand weights and a yoga mat. Often times we use resistance bands and 7.5" and 12" stability balls Rent our equipment.  

Ballet barre can easily be done at home in a smaller space. (8'x8' space min.)


Don't have a barre? Try using a kitchen counter top, dining room chair, or you can order a barre online.  

Don't have ballet shoes? That's totally fine! We often times dance barefoot. You can also dance in socks or in jazz shoes if you have those.

80s Cardio - We use 2-5lb hand weights and yoga mats.

Hip Hop Cardio - We use 2-5lb hand weights in this class.

Rizzmic - no equipment needed

Hip Hop Cardio - no equipment needed

Need a tap board?

We recommend making or buying a board at least 4ft x 4ft.

You can make one yourself using 3/4" plywood (see details

(watch DIY videos)



If you are on a soft surface like carpet, just plywood will work. If you are placing your board on a hard surface you will want to glue pieces of a soft yoga or pilates mat on the bottom of your board. 


Need tap shoes?

If you buy in-person, we recommend making an appointment at Dance Trendz in Kent, WA. Or you can order tap shoes online at Capezio, Bloch, Discount Dancewear, or Amazon

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