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Free Classes!
for autopay members

Free open houses classes for our members on autopay!

Next participating classes:
Contemporary 2 on Thursday, May 9th @ 5pm
1980s Cardio on Thursday, May 9th @ 5pm

Have you ever wanted to try out a class, but you weren't sure what to expect, and weren't quite keen on using a class credit to try out that class? Now you can try it out with our other members!

Each month, we will open up one to two classes free-of-charge to our members on autopay. Many of the classes you can expect to open up will be either barre, yoga, cardio, or a beginner-level dance class. We will announce each free class along with the date it is being offered via our Facebook Community Page. If the class fills up, we will offer another class of the same type later in the month.

Important notes & signing up:

To sign up for your free class, simply use one of your member class credits. We will apply a complimentary pass once the class has concluded and release your original class credit for future use. This complimentary benefit is only available to our members on autopay. Clients that are not members on autopay will still need to use a class credit to pay for the class. Each class can only be attended once per month for free if we offer the same class more than once.

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