Hip Hop

Intro to Hip Hop  

Thursdays 1/9/20 - 4/30/20 from 8:00-9:00pm

w/ Kelsey Munoz

Class Full / Closed Registration.

Tuesdays 1/21/20 - 4/28/20 from 8:15-9:15pm

w/ Jess Amans

Class Full / Closed Registration.

This is a perfect class for anyone who wants to learn how to dance hip hop, but has no experience. In each class, you can expect a thorough warm-up session, followed by a breakdown of hip hop technique and stylistic body movements. The knowledge you learn in the technique and movement portion of class will then be put to use, as you put steps together to create simple small combinations towards the end of class.


After this series, you will have the knowledge needed to confidently take our Hip Hop 1 classes on Tuesday evenings. We welcome all levels and ages of adults to join these stress-free, fun and energetic classes. 

Please read — We pre-register for Intro to Hip Hop. Enrollment is $65 for the first four weeks of class. After the first four weeks, this intro class continues through April 30th or May 12th (depending on the class you are registered in) under our Mix & Match pricing. Sorry, new client special and Mix & Match credits can not be used for the first 4 weeks of this class. Once purchased, you are registered for this series. Sorry, but we can not offer refunds for classes missed once you have registered.

example of Hip Hop 1

Hip Hop 2 w/ Kelsey Munoz


Saturdays @ 10:30am

This class participates in Mix & Match plans.

This high-energy beginner-level hip hop class is perfect for anyone with some basic dance experience and wanting to keep getting better at this style of dance. In these upbeat and fun hip hop classes, expect to cover hip hop technique and learn a short hip hop routine. We guarantee you will get a great workout without going to the gym... just imagine you're at the club!

We welcome all levels and ages of adults to join these stress-free, fun and energetic classes. 

example of Hip Hop 2/3

Hip Hop 2/3 w/ Jess Amans

Thursdays @ 8:15pm 


This class participates in Mix & Match plans. 


Further your style, and deepen your technique in these fun and upbeat hip hop classes. Expect to cover intermediate level hip hop technique and put together a routine in each class. This energetic hip hop class will have you dancing to the popular music you hear in the clubs today, all while guaranteeing a great workout!

We welcome all ages of adults to join these stress-free, fun and energetic classes. 


The Studio in Issaquah

1871 NW Gilman Blvd, Ste 3

Issaquah, WA 98027

(206) 327-1468


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