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Dance Class Difficulty


Intro - No previous experience needed

Level 1 - Beginner (basic experience)

Level 2 - Beginner/Intermediate (2 year min.)

Level 3 - Intermediate  (3-4 year min.)

Level 4 - Int/Adv (5+ years)

Purchase Policy

All class credits activate on the date of purchase. Drop-in and monthly passes have a 1-month expiration from purchase date. When credits expire, they do not roll over or transfer.

If you are a member on autopay, the date of your first auto-pay purchase is also your billing cycle date. (Example: purchase date is February 7, so the first billing cycle is February 7-March 7) 


Sorry, but we do not offer refunds for class credits purchased but not used. Pre-registered and Intro classes cannot be refunded, as those classes are popular, and we have reserved a space for you in class. 

All monthly month passes are offered as pay-as-you-go options or as an autopay membership. Autopay memberships earn you a discount and other studio perks compared to pay as you go pricing and require a minimum (3) month commitment. We kindly require (30) business days in person or written notice when cancelling or modifying loyalty auto-pay memberships. 

Pre-Registered & Intro series

These are series-based classes and do not participate in our Mix & Match program. Classes are paid for up front during registration, and in doing so, reserve your space in class. Refunds are not available on pre-paid or pre-registered classes. 

Waitlist Policy

We offer a 10-minute window for clients to arrive late without any consequences. If a client is more than 10 minutes late, their spot might be given to someone on the waitlist. Waitlisted clients will automatically have their class credit refunded if they do not attend class.

Private Lessons

No deposit is required when booking a private lesson. Full lesson amount is due at the time of the lesson. We require a minimum of 48-hr email written notice when canceling a private lesson. You may be charged the private lesson fee if the lesson is not canceled more than 48-hrs prior to the lesson.


If a client has history of canceling private lessons within our 48-hr window, we may charge the client's card on file for any future private lessons. A full refund will be given if the client gives 48hrs or more notice when cancelling a lesson through written email notice


If you have an autopay loyalty membership, there is a $25 late fee for credit/debit cards which have declined 5 or more consecutive days. Prior to a late fee being charged, clients will receive 5 automated emails with instructions to change your credit card info online prior to this fee, as well as a phone call from the studio.

When a client cancels their reservation within the 90-minute window before class, the late fee is the cost of the class pass. Effective July 1, 2022, "unlimited" pass members are subject to a $15 late cancel fee.

Prices, policies and fees are subject to change.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I just drop-in to a class?

Yes! We just ask that you sign up for class before arriving for your visit. We are an adult studio, and we invite you to try out our classes any time. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early your first visit, to allow time to fill out our liability waiver before class. Livestream classes must be signed up for at least (30) mins prior to class start. 

What should I bring for my first class?

Please bring a reusable water bottle and arrive about 5-10mins early to your first studio class so you may read/sign our liability waiver. 

I am waitlisted for class. What's your policy?

We offer a 10-minute window for clients to arrive late without any consequences. If a client is more than 10 minutes late, their spot might be given to someone on the waitlist. Waitlisted clients will automatically have their class credit refunded if they do not attend class.

Is there an attire requirement?

We want you to be comfortable. With that in mind, please wear clothing that allows you to move appropriately. Please wear attire that allows us to see your body lines if you are coming to a ballet class, and allows us to see your feet if you are attending tap classes. Your shoes should be appropriate for the dance genre you taking. (example: wearing jazz shoes to ballet class is fine) Tap shoes are required for tap classes. 

Do I need to be vaccinated or wear a mask to attend?

Wearing a mask is optional. We no longer require clients be vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to attend classes. 

How old must I be to take class at The Studio?

We are a studio for adults 18yrs and older.

What's the difference between a dance and cardio class?

In dance classes, expect to learn dance style specific technique. Using that technique you will create a dance routine. Cardio classes are fitness-focused classes where the goal is to burn calories, tone, and condition your body while dancing through out the class. Cardio classes do not focus on technique, but instead focus on fitness.


Do you have Spring/Summer/Fall sessions?

We hold classes all year round, with the exception of a limited schedule between Christmas and New Years. (We all need a little break, right?) We do slightly adjust our schedule in fall, spring, and summer based on class demand.

Do you offer free trial classes?

We can not offer free classes, but we often offer new client specials. View Pricing.

What do I wear to class?

Please wear clothing that you're comfortable moving in and aren't afraid to get sweaty. If you are taking ballet or jazz, we suggest ballet or jazz shoes, or going barefoot. For tap, we do require tap shoes be worn. Here are some great places to purchase dancewear:

In person — Dance Trendz (Kent)​ or Stage Left Dancewear (Bellevue)

Online — Amazon​, Capezio Website​, Bloch Wesbite, Discount Dancewear

Holiday Closures

We are closed major holidays including Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and the Friday following Thanksgiving. We offer a winter break schedule between Christmas & New Years Day - during this week, we offer about half of our normal classes.

When do you cancel classes?

The Studio reserves the right to cancel any class if no one is signed up 90-minutes before the class start time listed. (We will always offer a class if there is at least 1 client signed up 90+ mins before class.) If the studio closes due to conditions that are deemed hazardous to instructors and clients, we will email notify anyone signed up prior to the class start time and refund your original class credit back to your account. 

Instructor Illness - We do our best to find substitute instructors when an instructor is unavailable to teach due to illness, and notify anyone already signed up for class if there is a substitute. If you are signed up for a class that cancels due to instructor illness, you will receive your class credit back. If you are an autopay member, in addition to your class credit being returned, you will also receive a complimentary drop-in class good for one-month.

Issaquah Road Cams

Our Snow/Ice/Power Outage Policy - We will do what we can to make classes available during inclement weather. If the studio closes due to conditions that are deemed hazardous to instructors and clients, we may cancel the class. If this occurs, any client signed up will receive a class cancellation email prior to class start, and will be refunded their class credit.


Can my child take classes with me?

If they are 18yrs or older, yes. We are a studio for adults, which allows adults to comfortably learn dance with out the fear of being upstaged by kids. Being around other adults also offers an outlet to spend time with like-minded peers and friends. Don't see a class you'd like to take? Let us know!

Can I share my class plan with a family member?

We require each client to have their own account, and do not allow sharing of class credits with friends/family. Please see the front desk with any questions you may have regarding this policy.

What is Mix & Match pricing?

You have complete flexibility to take any of our drop-in classes. It's all up to you! For example, one week you may take three classes... the next week only one class. Maybe you want to take jazz and ballet one week, but a cardio class the next week.

With exception of pre-registered classes such as intro or ballroom classes, you are not held to attending the same class each week. Please sign up for each occurrence of a class you plan to attend independently. All classes except for pre-registered classes participate in our Mix & Match program. 

How much are classes?

See our pricing here.

May I share studio classes with others?

Our memberships are non-transferrable, and we ask that each client holds their own account, and has their own passes. 

What if I can't attend a class I've signed up for?

We ask you be mindful of others and use the Mindbody site or the Mindbody App to remove yourself from classes you can not attend. If you are signed up for a class, and have not removed yourself 90-minutes prior to class, your space will still be reserved in our system, and you are subject to the cost of the class. Effective Jan 1. 2022, "unlimited" pass members are subject to a $15 late cancel fee.​​


What are the advantages to having a membership? 

It costs nothing to join, and you'll receive:

▸ Discounts on classes every day
▸Free classes on special occasions

▸ Early access to special events
▸ A free birthday class
▸ Priority on new merch

 A free class when we cancel a class due to instructor illness

Membership requires a minimum 3-month commitment and autopay will run indefinitely unless we receive written notice. Please see loyalty auto pay cancellation policy below.

When do my class credits activate?

Class credits activate on the date-of-purchase. The date of purchase is also your billing cycle if you elect to enroll in a loyalty membership. (Example: purchase date is February 7, so the first billing cycle is February 7-March 7)  We can not change plan activation or expiration dates.

I've used all my class credits... now what?

You may make a new purchase in person or online at any time in order to add class credits to your account.

Is there an expiration date on my class credits?

Yes. All of our passes have a 1-month expiration from purchase date. Sorry, we can not extend or change expiration dates.


(Example: If you purchase a monthly plan on June 21, your credits expire on July 21. If you purchase a quarterly plan on June 18, your credits expire September 18.)

If you have an injury and can not use your class credits, we may pause or extend your membership at no cost, but only with a written letter of from a physician. 


Class payment & Account Reconciliation Fee

Clients are expected to pay for classes before class using the Mindbody app, studio website OR by paying at the time of class at the studio's front desk. Any unpaid class reservation that is unattended is subject to the $21 drop-in cost of the class. Any class that is attended and not paid for before or at the time of service is subject to a drop-in class plus a $5 account reconciliation fee. 

I have a membership, can I change the classes per month?

Yes, assuming your 3-month commitment is fulfilled, we ask 30-days notice before your monthly credit card charge. We will ask you to fill out a new agreement, with a new 3-month commitment. 

May I pause my membership?

Unfortunately at this time, we can not offer a pause in memberships. Instead, you may cancel a membership and sign up for a new membership at a later time. 

How do I cancel and autopay membership?

We require a minimum of (30) days for your cancellation request to process. We can not guarantee auto pay will end in time before the next bill cycle unless a proper written (30) day notice is given. To cancel auto pay, please email at least (30) days before your membership renews. Phone calls and in-person conversations can not be accepted when cancelling a membership. 

Mailing list terms & conditions

You agree to have the information you've provided entered in to our database. The Studio in Issaquah may reach out to you by email or phone for promotions, deals, or other advertisements. Your information will not be shared with other businesses or people outside of The Studio in Issaquah.

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