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Stretch & Mobility

Stretch class at The Studio in Issaquah

Stretch & Mobility

w/ Kim Gockel 

Fridays 12:15-1:00pm

(in-person, livestream, and recorded classes available)

Equipment Used

Yoga mat and a chair - We supply these.

Not only do muscles get weaker with age, but if they do not get enough use they also become tighter over time. You can avoid this stiffening effect as you continue to stretch. Because you can improve your flexibility at any age, this class is designed for all ages of adults. Modifications will be given for those more or less flexible. ​


This class is designed for anyone who wants to increase flexibility, work on increased mobility, educate themselves about injury prevention. Stretching often gets pushed aside due to time restraints and lack of knowledge, but in this class we will unlock your body's potential and take you to a new level of mobility, confidence, and self-care.

What to wear

We recommend clothes that allow you to move that you aren't afraid to sweat in. Typical attire is leggings and a shirt. Barefoot, grip socks, ballet slippers, or jazz shoes are recommended.

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