All of our classes participate in "mix & match" with exception of the first 4 weeks of "Intro" classes. 


All passes are active for 1-month from the date from the date of purchase. (example: Aug 6 -Sept 6) To maximize time credits can be used, clients should purchase on the day of their first class.

You choose how many classes you want to take per month, then you have the flexibility to use your class credits toward any of our in-person or Zoom classes. 


All of our passes come in loyalty auto pay memberships and as pay as you go options.  Please see our full purchase policies below. 


Non-Member Pricing

Our 1-month passes give you the freedom to mix & match the classes you take each week.

1 Class

$21 - Purchase


5 classes

$75 - Purchase

10 classes

$140 - Purchase

15 classes

$195 - Purchase

Unlimited Classes

$275 - Purchase

Member Pricing

Our discounted member pricing is available only through  enrolling in autopay. We only sell memberships by request. There is a minimum 3-month commitment with our memberships.


Request a membership here.

Members receive:
Discounted class prices
Early access to special events
Afree birthday class
Discounts on new merch

5 classes 


10 classes


15 classes


Unlimited Classes


Recorded Videos Memberships

We have over 800 of our classes recorded since April 2020. You can add our recorded video membership to an existing autopay membership or purchase our class recordings a-la-carte. Adding videos requires a minimum 3-month autopay agreement.


Get our recordings with out having an autopay membership

add videos to a 5 classes/month autopay membership

add videos to a 10 classes/month  autopay membership

add videos to a 15 classes/month autopay membership

add videos to an unlimited class autopay membership

$85 w/ 3-month min. commitment

add for $55/month

add for $35/month

add for $15/month

included at no cost