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Free Holiday Classes!
investment: $0

instructor: Rebecca Stusser


Holiday-themed Hip Hop 

Saturday, December 9th / 1:00pm

Progressive Hip Hop choreography will be paired with catchy holiday themed hip hop music. This format is a non-stop dance class designed to make you sweat and wanting more by the time class is over. Dancers should be able to learn choreography at a faster pace. 


The warmup is reminiscent of a traditional style hip hop class. After the warm up, slower bpm songs play as students learn the beginning of the choreography to the music. As the class progresses, faster bmp songs will play to obtain more of a challenge and perform to the fullest. The steps are broken down and repeated numerous times to the music until clients pick them up. Clients will leave feeling challenged and wanting more!

Holiday-themed Jazz

Saturday, December 9th / 2:00pm

Join our guest instructor, Rebecca Stusser for a jazz choreography class. Learn a Jazz routine to, "All I Want For Christmas Is You" by Mariah Carey. Take some time to warm up, then after the warm up, you'll start learning the fun choreography Rebecca has set for you! The steps are learned and repeated numerous times without music and then performed to music. Enjoy the benefits of a dance class that uses the entire body. Rebecca, will create a fun and energetic environment that pushes you to want more!


Santa Baby Burlesque

Saturday, December 16th / 7:00-8:30pm
investment: $25 

instructor: Trina Nguyen

In this holiday-inspired burlesque workshop, you'll learn how to sizzle like a show-girl, all while mastering the moves needed to lure Santa down the chimney.


This one & a half hour class is devoted to everything spectacular about being on late night stage. Now it’s your turn to learn the seduction of burlesque by adding a little sensuality, adding a little sass, and adding a little class to your moves.

Important info: Please note that we do not offer refunds on workshops not attended. Adults 18+ only.


"Show Me Something" - A Tap Choreography Lab!

Fridays at 10:15am / January 5th - March 29th

A new tap dance choreography lab series w/ Steven Oelrich


Have you every been asked, "show me something" by friends or family when they find out you tap dance? Soon, you'll have the tools to put something together to show off! I'm excited to announce that I'll be leading a brand new series this January-March aiming at helping our studio's tap dancers think about choreography. My "choreography lab" will give tap dancers the tools and knowledge to choreograph basic combos. Dancers can than use this knowledge and apply it to improvisation in class, practicing steps and combos at home, and even coming up with their own short choreography. This series will be geared to tap dancers who regularly attend Tap 1, Tap 1/2, and/or Tap 2 classes.

By signing up below, clients understand this is a 3-month series. This series is for adult tap dancers only and tap dancers must have at least 1 year of experience at our studio to participate. We can not refund for any classes missed or any series unattended. Sorry, but new client specials and studio passes do not work for this workshop.


Intro to Salsa!

Sundays at 1pm / January 7th - January 28th

instructor: Dalrek Davis

investment: $80 per person


Salsa dancing is the perfect way to spice up your dancing!

Whether you’re looking for a great date night or simply wanting to move your body in a new and exciting way, this salsa class is for you! During these class sessions, dancers will learn the basic steps, technique, and musicality with fun and easy exercises.


By the end of this 4 -week series, our goal is that you will not only have learned something new to add to your salsa dancing, but you will also gain the confidence to take your salsa dancing out into bars, weddings, events, and your living room! Salsa is one of the most popular social dances, and after this series you will have the skills to get out on the floor and participate!

By signing up below, clients understand this series is for adults only. Sorry, but we can not refund for any classes missed. 


K-POP Choreography Series!

Saturdays from 1-3pm / January 13th - February 3rd

Join us by bringing in the new year with a 4 week K-POP series where dancers will get to learn a one minute long routine with light formations, polish the finished product, and film at the end!

instructor: Bee Rose

investment: $136

song: "Fear" by SEVENTEEN


With four classes, 2 hours each led by Bee, dancers will learn about a minute of advanced K-POP choreography, how to dance in formations, and practice facial expressions before filming the finished product on the last day. Dancers will feel like they are preparing for a performance, without the pressure of a real audience! Dancers are encouraged to dress up for filming, and the video will be accessible to every participant and will be posted on The Studio's social media! We will also upload instructional videos with counts to a google drive for you to access for dancers interested in practicing outside of class. (completely optional!!) 


We strive for a judgement free, inclusive, and fun dance environment for all, so don't be afraid to ask for any dance modifications during our classes! We hope you'll join us in our second ever K-POP choreography workshop series! 

By signing up below, clients understand this series is for adults only. Sorry, but we can not refund for any classes missed. 

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