Saturdays @ 9:30am w/ Steven

Tuesdays @ 9:15am (starts Nov. 2) w/ Melain

Wednesdays @ 11:15am w/ Steven

Taking class via livestream videoJoin here.

(in-person, live stream, and recorded classes available)

Our barre classes are hybrid fitness classes, combining ballet inspired movements with elements of pilates and strength training. We focus on high reps of small, medium, and large range moves to most effectively challenge both the dominant and supporting muscle groups. This low-impact, high-intensity full body workout will lift and tone the muscles, and improve strength, agility, and flexibility for every body.

These classes are a great low impact class option. If you have body issues or injuries that may be of concern for this class, please contact the Studio before joining classes.

What to wear

Please wear comfortable attire that allows for body movement and allows us to identify proper body alignment and movement. This class can be done barefoot, in grip socks, or ballet/jazz shoes.


Ballet barres, resistance balls, yoga mats, and 1.5-5lb hand weights. You may use our disinfected yoga mats, hand weights and resistance balls, or you may bring your own equipment.