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Yoga classes at The Studio in Issaquah

"I absolutely adore Susan as a teacher and as a healer and it’s the best yoga class I’ve ever taken. We met years ago at Issaquah fitness and I followed Susan here and was so glad she continued to work here... - Beth M.


"Fabulous practice! Susan is a wonderful instructor. Her calm and pleasant demeanor is exceeded only by her expert and easy to follow instructions. Love this yoga class!!!" - Amanda V.

Morning Harmony Stretch & Balance

with Grace Kradin

Wednesdays @ 10:30am

This class is great for maintaining fitness and flexibility without over stressing joints, adrenals or your mind. Easy to follow, you’ll move at a steady relaxed pace and learn more about yourself through body/mind practices lend themselves well to experiencing harmony both on and off the mat. Excellent for regular practitioners and new students alike. You will explore many seated and supine poses with a sprinkling of standing and balancing poses. This is also a perfect class to help you re-start your practice after a pause due to injury or simply having taken time off. The Studio is heated to a comfortable
temperature to assist in relaxation and flexibility.


Dancers can expect:

Increased bodily awareness, an integrated rhythm of flowing gracefully, flexibility, familiarity with how breath impacts mood, increased core strength, balance, stability and self-confidence.

Props (you may bring your own or use ours)
• Required: yoga mat
• Helpful: yoga block(s)


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