Yoga Session


Yoga for Flexibility taught by Alyson Young

Tuesdays 11:30am-12:30pm

The Science of Stretching targeted mobility training is a method that uses yoga shapes, intentional breath, and relaxation to help open up your body – each individual in their own unique time. Our practice is focused on increasing flexibility, not on “pose ideal.” The intention is to support YOUR personal practice, wherever you are, all levels welcome!

Poses are modified for different types of stretch accessibility and needs • It is a slow and deliberate practice (poses held for 3-5 minutes) that uses a breathing technique to help relax the muscles and enable greater flexibility • It can be more challenging mentally than physically – you can do this! • We use props for support so that the body can release into the stretch • This practice can actually help to reshape the muscles and improve overall mobility.

Props Required (you may bring your own or use ours)
   • Required: yoga mat, strap, yoga block(s), blanket or pad, pillows or cushions
Important FYI: Contraindications for Practice
   • No practice on pain killers
   • No practice if pregnant
   • Not without doctor’s approval: joint replacements; severe scoliosis; illness/disease; surgeries
   • No practice (or extra careful) if hypermobility syndrome or Ehlers–Danlos syndrome

Vinyasa Flow

taught by Susan Roser


Mondays at 10:30am (starting Nov 22)

Mondays at 5pm (starting Nov 22)

Susan's vinyasa flow yoga classes flow with grace and are rooted in the anusara technique. You will find yourself moving through basic yoga poses all while focusing on breath. Expect to gain strength, flexibility and positive well-being during these powerfully beautiful practices. These classes are for clients with varying levels of yoga experience.

Props Needed (you may bring your own or use ours)
   • Required: yoga mat
   • Helpful: yoga block(s)