Live stream Zoom classes

If you already have an active pass, you have the choice of attending livestream Zoom classes. Simply join by using our links below. Signing up for Zoom classes in Mindbody is required so we know to offer a Zoom class.

Step 1 - Please purchase one of our passes

Step 2 - Reserve your space using Mindbody.


Step 3 - Follow the link below to join your class.


For better sound when live streaming, we recommend using a television, Bluetooth earbuds or connecting external speakers to a computer. For good quality video, connecting to a TV through an HDMI cable is always preferred, but you can also watch using a computer, laptop, or tablet. A reliable internet connection is required.

We can not guarantee clients will be able to join Zoom classes if they join after the start of class.  Blue links are Studio A / Pink links are Studio B 


10:30am Ballet 2/3  video link

12:15pm Jazz 1/2  video link


5:15pm Vinyasa Yoga Flow  video link

5:30pm Intro/Ballet 1  video link

6:30pm Tap 2  video link

6:45pm Ballet 1/2  video link

8:00pm Pre-Pointe & Pointe  video link



10:30am Rizzmic  video link


4:45pm Intro/Ballet 1  video link

5:45pm Ballet 2/3  video link

6:00pm Hip Hop Cardio  video link

7:15pm Tap 3  video link

7:30pm Pop Culture Choreo  video link

8:15pm Tap Rehearsal  video link



10:30am Vinyasa Yoga Flow  video link

11:00am Barre  video link

12:15pm Tap 1/2  video link


5:00pm Jazz 1  video link

5:45pm Rizzmic  video link
6:00pm Jazz Funk 2/3  video link

7:00pm Hip Hop 2/3  video link

7:15pm Tap 1  video link

8:00pm Commercial Dance  video link

8:15pm Tap Rehearsal  video link


10:30am Ballet 2/3  video link

12:00pm Stretch & Mobility  video link


5:00pm 1980s Cardio  video link

5:45pm Tap 1/2  video link

6:00pm Contemporary 1  video link

6:45pm Tap 4  video link

7:00pm Contemporary 2/3  video link

8:00pm Hip Hop 1  video link

8:00pm Hip Hop Rehearsal  video link


11:00am Tap 2  video link

12:15pm Tap 1/2  video link


8:30am Hip Hop Cardio  video link

9:30am Zumba  video link

9:30am Barre  video link 

10:45am Tap 1  video link

10:45am Hip Hop 2/3  video link

11:45am Tap 2/3  video link

12:00pm  Hip Hop 1  video link


7:00pm Contemporary Rehearsal  video link



Would you rather watch our recorded

classes on your schedule?

Video Memberships

We have hundreds of our classes recorded. You can add our recorded video membership to an existing class pass membership or purchase our recordings separately from our other pricing.  Adding videos requires a minimum 3-month agreement, but the cost goes down if you agree to a minimum 6-month membership.

How does it work?

Our videos are available on Google Drive and an internet connection and valid email address is required. Once you agree to a membership, we share our video folders with you and you get unlimited access for one low monthly reoccurring price. We recommend watching videos on computers, laptops or connecting a device to your TV using an HDMI cable. (Phones and tablets can be used, but they are not recommended because of the small screen size.)

Recorded Videos Memberships

We have over 700 of our classes recorded. You can add our recorded video membership to an existing autopay membership or purchase our class recordings a-la-carte. Adding videos requires a minimum 3-month agreement.


Get our recordings with out having an autopay membership

add videos to a 5 classes/month autopay membership

add videos to a 10 classes/month  autopay membership

add videos to a 15 classes/month or unlimited classes autopay memberships

$85 w/ 3-month min. commitment


$75 w/ 6-month min. commitment

add for $55/month

add for $35/month

included at no cost