Contemporary 2/3

w/ Kelsey Munoz

Thursdays at 7:15pm

Taking class via livestream videoJoin here.

(in-person, live stream, and recorded classes available)

Come sweat, play, move, laugh and meet your creative potential in this contemporary class. We will collaborate to work on movement quality and learn how to tell story through movement. The goal will be to tune your body and allow it to move freely, all while telling a story. Expect to "dig deep" in order to develop your artistry — you will feel great after dancing your heart out in this weekly one hour class. 


In theses classes, dancers will have the opportunity to express themselves through movement and the freedom of individual interpretation. Please expect some exercises to be done on the floor, and consider bringing knee pads. This class will be tuned to the individuals taking it.

What is Contemporary?

Contemporary dance is dance style influenced by jazz, ballet, and modern dance. It requires some dance technique, but allows a greater freedom of expression than other dance styles. Dancers often change rhythm, direction, and speed unexpectedly, all while "telling a story" through their movement.

What to Wear?

Wear clothing that allows for movement and that allows the instructor to see your lines. Class can be taken in jazz shoes, ballet shoes, or barefoot.