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First Dance
Wedding Dance
Newlywed Couple
Wedding Dance

Wedding Dances

Be swept off your feet by our instructor as they guide you through the exciting process of learning how to dance at your wedding.

Unique Dance

A unique dance can be created for the couple. There will be an opportunity for the couple to discuss music choice, elements or styling they wish to include in the dance. For custom choreography requests, the wedding must be at least 3 months away to make sure clients have time to prepare and feel confident in their ability to complete the routine.


The cost for custom choreography is $100/hr, and how many lessons you need is dependent on the style selected and the length of your dance. Lessons are typically scheduled for Sundays.


Please email us

to give us all the details including wedding date, and any song choice or dance style preferences you may have. 

Private Lessons

Maybe you're not looking to learn a specific dance, but you want to learn how to successfully dance with your partner or parent before the big day. If you want to learn some formal ballroom (or similar) steps, we can help with that too! The cost is $80/hr, and lessons are typically scheduled on Sundays.


Please email us

to give us all the details including your wedding date, and the style(s) of dance you're interested in learning.

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