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Ballet Terms


1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th

Barre work
Plié (bend of the knees)
Demi = small bend with heels on floor
Grand = large bend

Tendu (stretch) stretch foot on floor until fully pointed
Degage’ (disengage) stretched foot pushing off floor
Pique’ (prick or stab) pointed foot lightly taps floor and lifts
Rond de jambe (circle of the leg) foot circles from front to back(en dehors) or back to front(en dedans)
Frappe’ (strike) foot starts in flexed position at ankle, strikes floor and points and returns to ankle
Petit Battements (small beats) beat front and back of ankle with either flexed or pointed foot
Fondu/Developpe’(melt and extend) Coupe’ with Demi plié and extend through attitude to stretched leg
Grand Battements (large kick) stretch foot through tendu and throw into air

Arabesque = standing on one leg with other leg raised behind
Attitude = standing on one leg with other leg turned out in a bent position
Coupe’ = pointed foot at ankle
Passe’ = pointed foot at knee
Sur le cou de pie’d = wrapped foot at ankle

Center floor
Adagio = slow controlled movement
Balance’ = step side back front
Pas de bourree’ = step back side front
Waltz = 3 steps down up up
Waltz turn = 2 waltz steps one straight and one turning
Saute (jump) = plié sand jump up and land in 1st and 2nd positions
Changements (change) = in 5th position, jump up and change feet to land with other foot in front
Echappe’ = jump from 5th position to 2nd and return to 5th
Glissade (glide) = degage’ and jump onto foot closing other foot front in 5th
Jete’ (throw) = brush back leg side and jump onto it landing with other leg in coupe’ back
Assemble’ (assemble) = brush back leg side and land with both feet in fifth
Chasse’ (chase) = slide out and together
Sauté’ arabesque = step into arabesque and jump up

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