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Performance Groups

Hip Hop Group - Chaos Collective

"Chaos Collective

Dance Company" (Hip Hop)

led by Madison Snyder

Thursday evenings 8pm 

Koinonia Dance Company

"Koinonia Contemporary Dance Company"

led by Kelsey Munoz

Sunday evenings 7-9pm

Infinite Rhythms Tap Company

"Infinite Rhythms" (inter/adv tap)

led by Steven Oelrich

Tuesdays 8:15-9:15pm

Infinite Rhythms Company

"Infinite Rhythms" (beg/inter tap)

led by Steven Oelrich

Wednesdays 8:15-9:15pm

See our show!

"Singular Sensation"


Saturday, June 24th @ 7pm

IKEA Performing Arts 

What are performance groups?  


These are small groups of (5-12) dancers who meet every week or every other week to learn choreography. Our performance groups give dancers the opportunity to learn and perform multiple routines through out the year. We also hope performance groups give clients something to work toward and achieve over time.

Groups will learn approximately one routine every 3 months. Once a routine is learned, the group will begin a new routine while continuing to polish and rehearse older dance pieces. Groups will consistently meet through out the year regardless of season, and work toward always having 3-4 polished routines ready to perform. 

What are the requirements to be in a performance group?


Most dancers will need at least a couple years of dance training in order to be invited or excepted in to a group. We will require performance group clients attend at least 4-5 drop-in classes per month on average, and have an existing autopay studio membership before joining. 

We completely understand that life is unpredictable - That said, to the best of your ability, we ask that you attend rehearsals every week one is offered. We will also ask that you do your best to participate through an entire season... approximately through June each year. (June will be when we will aim to hold our annual studio show) Too many rehearsal absences over time may result in your dismissal from a group. 

We ask that dancers plan to give a 3-month notice when departing from a group.

If you are not a client at the studio, we ask that you come in to take class and meet the instructor who leads your desired group. 

The cost to join one group is $65/month.

How do I join a group?


First, you must take class with the instructor who leads your desired group. You will also need to email the studio and formally request to join the group. If you are not a client of the studio please let us know your full name, explain your dance education or experience, and please tell us which group you'd like to join.

Please allow up to one-week for a follow-up reply email.

Looking for performers?

Are you looking for a group to perform at your venue or event? We have tap, hip hop, and contemporary dancers who would like to perform for you.


Reach out today!

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